Youville House

Clara WainwrightThe fabric collage entitled “Buddha’s Cloak” by Clara Wainwright was recently donated to Youville House in Cambridge, MA. Youville House is a Catholic not for profit assisted living residence and is part of Covenant Health Systems, a New England-wide, health care, elder care and social service system. Their mission is to affirm life to the fullest to the very end of life.


In April 2008, The Art Connection spent a few hours with residents and staff assembled to select works of art for their walls. Following the art placement visit, we heard from Ildiko Szabo, director of community relations. She said “Everyone was thrilled to be involved in the selection process, but particularly the elderly residences who were the most committed to the process. They knew not only that their opinion mattered but that they were selecting for the community. They had a wonderful sense of what belonged where in the building.”


Catherine, a resident, was pleased to be asked to join the art selection group. “From around 300 art images, we chose 15 works which were mostly paintings, but also photographs and quilts. We used a several step process of elimination which went amazingly well. I think we chose well and am eager to see our choices on our walls. The group members worked well together and usually seemed to be of like minds.”


According to Ildiko, “Selecting the artwork made the group feel more part of the community and the process gave them a reason for choosing Youville House in the first place. It’s a community where they are involved and where their ideas matter.”