Victory Programs- Womens Hope and LARC

On the Rocks by Edie BowersVictory Programs mission is to open doors to recovery, hope and community to individuals and families facing homelessness, addiction, or other chronic illnesses. They have received 100 works at five of their 17 sites.

The Art Connection most recently facilitated a placement for two of Victory Programs’ treatment programs in Jamaica Plain; the Living and Recovering Community (LARC) and Women’s Hope, both of which are located in separate wings on the same floor at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital.



Africa Geese by Henry OldsLARC is a 90-day inpatient treatment center for up to 20 men and women, who are typically living with HIV/AIDS and have histories of substance use disorders and chronic relapse. Women’s Hope is a short-term transitional housing program providing residential treatment for women, many with HIV/AIDS, struggling with addiction. Having LARC and Women’s Hope located in adjacent wings at the hospital allows for better, faster access to medical and psychiatric services.

 ii7-66 by David Kupferman

 Victory Programs believes that clients in both programs will benefit greatly from this donation of original artwork. “Visitors entering our program for the very first time are welcomed by the beautiful artwork that lines the walls, making them feel comfortable and at ease,” President and CEO Jonathan D. Scott tells us. “Art can be therapeutic and allow for discussion and conversation among those who would otherwise have nothing in common. This is especially helpful in breaking barriers between residents and staff, allowing our residents to overcome obstacles.”


Acrylic and paper collage on canvas by Dany Pierard DevicheArt donations are hanging in each of the programs’ communal spaces, including dining areas, reception, hallways, and counseling rooms. Five clients participated in the art selection process and helped give the rest of the clients in these programs a voice. The art work will transform the hospital wings into more comforting temporary residences for these clients and those who will pass through the doors in the future.

 Galloping On by JoAnne Hungate

” Victory Programs and I are HUGE fans of The Art Connection’s mission, vision, and process of connecting great art to great community,” said Victory Program’s Vice President and COO, Jim Pettinelli,  “I loved last year’s Art BINGO, what a fun event!” For Art BINGO 2013, Victory Programs is a second-time Non Profit Sponsor.

The Art Connection is so grateful for our partnership with Victory Programs. Learn more about them by visiting