CHA – Whidden Hospital

Walking on the Beach by JoAnne Hungate
Whidden Hospital in Everett is a recent recipient of 19 original works by 12 artists. According to Deborah Murphy, the hospital administrator, “the response has been wonderful. The works not only enhance the hospital’s physical space but stimulate social engagement in an extremely positive manner.”



Untitled by Jessie Nickerson
Whidden is a busy community hospital that serves the 200,000 residents of Everett, Revere, Chelsea, Winthrop, and Malden. As the only hospital in this five-city area, Whidden provides many services including 24-hour emergency care, surgery, orthopedic, rehab, specialty care, primary care, and mental health program. The donated art hangs in Whidden’s recently renovated lobbies, hallways, waiting areas, and cafeteria to help make the space more pleasurable and friendly to patients and families accessing services there.


Reflections by Wendy Ingram
Deborah also remarked: “The artwork has completely changed the atmosphere of the hospital. When you walk into the hospital, it now feels inviting. It’s nice to walk out into the lobbies or the corridors and see people – staff and visitors – looking at the pieces and talking about them. We are very proud of the artwork and we showcase it whenever we have guests visit the hospital.”


Big Rainbow Tree by Maria Termini
Upon seeing the installed artwork at the hospital’s art reception, Art Connection executive director, Jim McDonald had this to say: “It never gets old, to visit a place like Whidden, be given a tour of the newly installed artwork, and witness both the pride and sense of wonder that the new ‘owners’ have for their new collection. And to hear that they can’t wait until next year for another opportunity to select more artwork is great evidence of the impact of our program.”

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