Volunteer Lawyers Project

Maybe a Wedding, mixed media on paper by Faith Hyde
Volunteer Lawyers Project received their second placement of art this winter. With a diverse and exciting collection, their office is now an even more welcoming place for clients and their families in need of pro bono legal services ranging from brief advice to courtroom representation.



Oaks and WildAcres by Mary Beth Maisel

Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) was established in 1977 to provide legal representation in civil matters to low income residents of Boston through the pro bono services of private attorneys and paralegals. The panel handles a broad range of substantive cases including housing and homeownership, family law matters, consumer, public benefits, bankruptcy, and wills and probates for the elderly. VLP clients are low-income residents in the Boston area, live in stressful environments, and often come to VLP in crisis.




In the Garden III, by Joan Jacobson-Zamore placed at Volunteer Lawyers ProjectIn 2006, VLP received their first 20 artworks from The Art Connection. This December, VLP’s selection committee- comprised of Staff Attorneys, volunteers, and clients- selected another 20 works which are now permanently installed in their space. All who experience the art enjoy discussing the diversity of techniques and styles of our art donors. Donated art hangs in the reception area, hallways, children’s waiting area, and in and around conference rooms to provide clients with an emotional connection and help convey the staff’s professionalism in an attractive, calm, and comfortable environment.


Leaves and Gold, by Maria Termini, placed at Volunteer Lawyers Project
As Veronica Serrato, one of VLP’s Staff Attorneys, and the Chair of the Art Selection Committee said, the work “will bring art to a population that may not otherwise have direct access to original artwork.” Serrato expressed her gratitude to the artists who donated work through The Art Connection saying, ” The art you have so generously donated will help us to make our office a more pleasant and enjoyable space for our staff, the volunteer lawyers with whom we work and the clients that we serve”.

  Cascade, oil and acrylic by Cora Roth
To further thank artists and celebrate their updated collection, the Volunteer Lawyers Project hosted a reception in March. Aside from great food and music, attendees enjoyed the opportunity to experience the spirit of The Art Connection by connecting with both artists and agency representatives.

Click here to see VLP’s new collection of artwork. Click here to see photos from the incredible reception VLP hosted to celebrate their new artwork!