Timothy Wilson

Timothy Wilson is a photographer who strives for a sense of poignancy and mystery. He began donating in fall 2014, and three works have already found homes in local service organizations. His photograph “Once Played” (featured here) was selected to be part of Art BINGO 2015. Play to win it!

Timothy started out shooting with film and now, after a conflicting transition, makes both film and digital photography.  He got his start after being gifted an antique twin lens Rolleiflex camera. “I developed a style which obscures boundaries between painting and photography, emphasizing shape and atmosphere rather than content or locale,” he says.WilTim01-16x20

His works currently in our portfolio feature themes highlighted on his website: botanicals, interiors, inversions, waterscapes, and rockscapes. This month Bay Cove’s Safety Net Outreach selected this photograph, “Holding Hands”. Safety Net Outreach serves roughly 200 Bostonians who need short-term support during distress or a crisis. “It is all about life,” says a Bay Cove staff member, “protecting and supporting life, and the continuous cycle of life from birth through aging… protecting and supporting life is at the core of what we do in our work.  I am so happy that we will have this photo to express that message to the individuals we help support.”


It is a win-win according to the artist, too, who says he “was thrilled when it was suggested that I submit images for possible donation.” Wilson says he feels placing artwork is “a special opportunity to not only have my work seen, but to enrich important organizations which otherwise might not be able to have fine art. I feel a special connection to the agencies on The Art Connection’s list, since many have interns placed by Boston University School of Social Work, where my wife works. I look forward to donating many more pieces!”


Wilson’s art exhibitions include shows at the Danforth Museum of Art, Attleboro Arts Museum, Gallery 263, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, Galatea Gallery, Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery, Copley Society, and the Brookline, Concord, Plymouth and South Shore Art Centers.

See more of his photographs online at  http://www.timothywilsonphotographs.com/