TILL, Watertown

Swans Drink by David R. LevittToward Independent Living and Learning’s (TILL, Inc.) mission is to create community based residential, vocational, and support services to help people reach their full potential and attain an optimal quality of life. This season, TILL in Watertown received their 1st placement of 25 original works of art.

TILL developed and operates innovative services for individuals of all ages and abilities which maximize their potential for personal growth and independent living. TILL’s day habilitation center in Watertown opened in Summer 2011, and already serves 70 individuals, with the capacity to serve many more.



212 by Judith SilversteinTILL’s staff helps participants be as productive as possible by focusing on their abilities rather than their disabilities and offering work training and other services to the community. Environments for people with disabilities have historically been viewed as spaces which are functional, without much emphasis on aesthetics.




Sky & Sea by Reba StewartOriginal art placed at TILL adds to an already welcoming environment where participants find support. TILL has artwork donated through The Art Connection installed at their Chelsea site (placed in 2008) and at their Billerica site (placed in 2009). Staff and clients are thrilled to have TILL Watertown becoming so quickly successful and welcoming, thanks in part to donations made by the artists working with The Art Connection.





More...Please! by Marian DioguardiDonna Parker, TILL’s Director of Administrative Services, is excited for the new collection in Watertown. “Our clients LOVE the art!” she told us. Dafna Krouk-Gordon, President and Founder of TILL, Inc. reflected on the installation at TILL’s Billerica site, saying “The collaborative process of participants and staff selecting the pieces was a vital, interactive process which sets a wonderful tone for our space and our program with the addition of such vibrant color, imagery, and creativity.”



Iron Man by Al Fisher


TILL Watertown’s new collection of original art serves to enhance the entrance, hallways, gross motor rehabilitation room, dining area, and other community spaces to demonstrate the pride TILL instills its staff and clients with regard to enjoying beauty in their surroundings. For more information please visit: www.tillinc.org