Summer Bliss, Pastel, Placed at Department of Youth Services

Tatiana Roulin

For Tatiana Roulin, making art is much more than a process, it’s a 6th sense, intrinsic to her existence and as necessary as food, water and air. Tatiana sees the beauty of everyday living and finds her spark to create in many places—nature, everyday objects, people, books, and life stories. Ever since her first donation in 2012, Tatiana has felt a kinship with The Art Connection’s mission, and continues to donate because she feels, “it’s a great way to give back to the community and help to impact lives of those who may not have the opportunity to experience the art in their lives.”

Adams Farm in Bloom, Pastel, Placed at Victim Witness Assistance ProgramAlready in her three years donating artwork through The Art Connection, Tatiana has given 17 works, 14 of which have found homes at recipient agencies. Two of her works were selected in recent placements at Mediation Works, Inc. of Boston and Cooperative Elder Services in Milton. The painting placed at Cooperative Elder Services was awarded the Award of Excellence in the “Small Art – Big Impact” Juried Show held by Manhattan Arts International of New York, NY in 2014 and Tatiana is glad that it has had both a public—and now a very personal impact.Forest Road, Pastel, Placed at Cooperative Elder Services, Milton

Tatiana is proud that she has been able to stay active as an artist for more than 15 years and that her work has helped a wide array of human service and cultural organizations around the country, including American Veterans, Diabetes Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Mansfield Music And Art Society, and Attleboro Arts Museum. Of these contributions she says, “Nothing can be greater reward than knowing that what you do can help others, no matter if it’s about monetary or spiritual help.” Autumn Hues, Pastel, Placed at Elder Service Plan of Harbor Health, Mattapan

Recently Tatiana has gotten involvedwith the “Beyond the Diagnosis” art project aimed at educating people about the Rare Disease United Foundation and its patients who need real help and support as they suffer and persevere. Her portrait of a boy fighting his rare disease along with his parents was displayed at the “Beyond the Diagnosis II” exhibition at the Transit Gallery of Harvard Medical School in Boston. Tatiana was honored to hear that the boy’s parents were overwhelmed with gratitude for the sensitive, dignified portrait of their son she had created and “happy to make their life brighter with my art.”Portrait of Dustyn for "Beyond the Diagnosis"

Tatiana’s paintings have been exhibited and privately collected internationally, but despite this broad success, Tatiana is not looking for fame or fortune with her art, nor is she trying to please everyone or follow the elusive market. Instead, she “follows my passion and share it with others keeping my creative spirit up,” following Leonardo Da Vinci’s governing principle that, “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”View from Huntington Ave, Pastel, Placed at Madison Park Development Corporation

Beyond her recent art selections, Tatiana has had a very busy fall and winter, with her work being featured in 9 exhibitions! Her art is represented by the Gina M. Woodruff Gallery in Long Beach, CA, Hope Gallery in Bristol, RI and True Grit Art Gallery in Middleboro, MA.Water Labyrinth, Pastel, Placed at Homeowner's Rehab, Inc, Chapman Arms

To learn more about where you can see Tatiana’s work throughout New England, visit her website:

Masthead image: Summer Bliss, Pastel, Placed at Department of Youth Services