Suzanne Hodes

Fifth Avenue Crossroads placed at HRI Inman Sq ApartmentsSuzanne Hodes is a long-time Art Connection supporter and has been donating art since 1996. Since then she has celebrated the placement of 102 of her paintings and mixed media works in 88 Boston-area organizations. “Of the many great agencies that have received my work, one stands out.” Suzanne recalls fondly the artwork selected in 2008 by Caritas Communities’ Bedford Veterans Quarters, a 60-bed housing development for formerly homeless veterans.



Urban Lobby at XMas placed at Caritas Communities“They chose my gigantic painting Urban Lobby at Xmas… The veterans felt a spiritualSuzanne visiting BVQ relationship with some of the figures who may themselves have been homeless. This painting was so large it would not fit through my studio door. I was thrilled the men wanted this work and had it hung in the building’s entrance. Several tenants wrote movingly about what the painting meant to them.” Suzanne visited the agency during their art reception (photo at right) and enjoyed meeting some of the residents.


Ocean Currents placed at Boston Inst. for PsychotherapySuzanne grew up in New York City and has been making art at Moody Street Studio in Waltham for 30 years. “I have been an enthusiastic supporter since the beginning of The Art Connection,” Suzanne says. She made her first art donation in June, 1996, only 10 months after The Art Connection was founded. Since then, Suzanne has donated more than 140 artworks for us to share with our recipient social service agencies. The works in our portfolio were created in 1958-2007, spanning not only Suzanne’s art career, but also subject matter and media.


No More War placed at Somali Development CtrSuzanne works show diversity in themes with some being very serene like Ocean Currents (above), recently placed at Boston Institute for Psychotherapy while others challenge art viewers with more complex subject matters such as her painting No More War (left), placed at Somali Development Center. “My sadness and anger over the… uter uselessness of war has run like a dark thread through much of my work over the years,” Suzanne shares.



The two most recent placements of Suzanne’s work went to The Massachusetts Department of Youth Services site in Lawrence. Teens and staff selected two of Suzanne’s works from different stages her career. Birthday #2, collage & oil on masonite created in 1965 (below, left) and will be installed in the resource office. Hotel Room at Night, oil on paper created in 2003 (below, right) was selected for the caseworkers’ office. “It looks like someone is just sitting and thinking,” said one of the teens, “the day is just escaping from them.”

Birthday #2 Placed at DYS LawrenceHotel Room at Night placed at DYS Lawrence

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