Susan Schwalb

Poplar #20 placed at Cambridge Health Alliance - Whidden Hospital


Now in her eighth year of donating art through The Art Connection, 93 of Susan Schwalb’s art works have been selected by agencies throughout Boston. Susan works in silverpoint and uses metal leaf and powders to create shimmering effect on the canvas, paper, and board she works on. “My work is abstract and my handling of the medium has become increasingly bold,” says Susan.








Nebulae #1 placed at Somali Development CenterSusan’s unique approach and striking images have made her a favorite among our clients and have awarded her a place as a prominent, internationally known silverpoint artist. Susan has celebrated more than 35 exhibitions internationally and has work in major museum collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Gallery, The British Museum, and Kupferstichkabinett – Staatliche Museen zu in Berlin.  





AURA III, available for placementAfter hearing about The Art Connection from other artists, Susan donated her first pieces in 2004 in order to decrease her inventory of early works. “After I had cancer in 2005 I realized that I wasn’t going to live forever,” Susan said. “I liked the professional manner that The Art Connection has in handling the donations- installing the works, labels etc. so I began to list more works.” She has been donating since then, including most recently in August 2012 when we received a donation of eight acrylics with metal leaf (such as the one shown on the left) and watercolors created in the 1970’s and 1990’s.



Backyard Tulips Again, placed at Castle Square Tenants OrganizationSusan, like many of our donating artists, appreciates the solution donating through The Art Connection provides to get older work in front of an audience and out of storage. “At first I listed older paintings because they take up so much space… I only donate works from around 1996 and earlier so as to not conflict with current dealers.” Susan hopes her donations are “enjoyed by visitors, residents, and employees” of the organizations who select them.






Reflections #2 by Evelyn Schwalb, placed at Massachusetts School of Professional PsychologySusan’s mother Evelyn Schwalb was an artist, and in 2007 Susan donated her mother’s artwork through The Art Connection (one is shown on the left). “I was very happy to be able to donate two of my mother’s paintings after she died so that her work too is enjoyed by others,” Susan recalls. Evelyn’s work, oils on canvas, were both selected from our portfolio within two months of Susan’s donation and have been on display at two Boston agencies and enjoyed by their clients since then.



Please visit Susan’s website www. to learn more about this internationally renowned artist.