Wayside Youth & Family – ShortStop

Tree of Life, oil by Muriel AngelilShortStop Transitional Housing is a community-based program that provides housing and transitional care for homeless young adults ages 18- 22. It is now home for 12 young people receiving assistance to make successful transitions to stable, permanent, independent living situations and adulthood.





Arrangement in Purple (P.J.Brown), Oil on baltic birch by Susan Miller Havens“We were not only able to attain our goal to add personality to Short Stop, but we all enjoyed a wonderful learning experience in the process, says Richard Doresy, case manager at the house. “The home was desperately in need of a personal touch, which we wanted the residents to have involvement in creating.” The selection committee was comprised of residents as well as administrative and clinical staff.



Purple Yellow Study, digital print by Steve KlarerArtist Steve Klarer was moved that the residents and case workers at ShortStop selected his work, saying “while I think all of the agencies The Art Connection works with are great, I have to tell you that my heart really goes out to this one. I’m especially happy that they’ve chosen the ones they have. They sound ideal for such a place. Yay!” Steve’s digital prints (left) were selected to brighten up the computer station where residents are able to search for employment or complete school assignments.



Gratitude, acrylic on paper by Diana KorzenikResidents are from Somerville, Cambridge, and the Greater Boston area. They are provided with life skills training and assistance in securing at least 25 hours of weekly work, enrollment in school or vocational training, or serving as a volunteer. ShortStop Transitional Housing builds community among its residents through a weekly house meeting, communal chores, and group meals. The home is operated by Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, founded in 1977 and dedicated to building strength, hope, and resiliency through its programs, which have reached over 5,000 people throughout Eastern and Central Massachusetts.



Eden, watercolor on paper by Jennifer HughesShortStop offers a variety of services including educational and vocational support. The donated artwork is an important part of this space, demonstrating to the residents what a well-balanced home can look and feel like. Artwork in the living and dining rooms, main hallways, entrances, and other common areas adds not only color, but a chance for sparking conversations and providing a warmer welcome to incoming residents.

Visit http://www.waysideyouth.org/shortstop-transitional-housing-co-ed/ to learn more.