Sarah Berry

Bird Food placed at Volunteer Laywers Project
We are pleased to welcome
Sarah Berry as our newest member of The Art Connection family. Not only a new staff member, Sarah is a wonderful photographer and participating art donor, who has already had four of her works selected within a month of making them available!

Movement placed at Volunteer Lawyers ProjectSarah’s passion for photography began at the age of eight when she received her first camera. Her images are inspired by her extensive travels and love of our planet and the creative things people do. In her words, “I like to share international examples of exquisite streets and gritty nature. I like to take photos of the passionate folks who wander in those places; what they create and the things they leave behind. My work conveys my sense of humor and my love for the environment and art. All of it is colorful, most of it serene.”

Boston Blues placed at Volunteer Lawyers ProjectSarah is not only a new Art Connection artist, she is also a graduate student in Arts Administration at Boston University who will be filling in as our Program Manager through April while Tova is away on Maternity Leave. (Note: she can be reached directly at ) Sarah has a background in arts education, and her degree in psychology combined with her commitment to increasing access to art make her an excellent fit with the mission of The Art Connection.

When asked what first piqued her interest when she heard about The Art Connection, Sarah replied, “I’m glad that there’s a successful organization that works to connect both emerging and established artists to agencies serving our community. I love the idea that these works of art will help enhance spaces that need it the most.”

Opening placed at Spectrum Health SystemsEven though she is a new donor, four works have already been selected by two recent agencies. Her response? “Wow! That happened fast. I feel honored that there are people who find my work compelling and want to live with it as part of their daily environment.” One work was selected by Spectrum Health System’s new center for women transitioning out of incarceration.

Regarding this placement, Sarah said, “I’m particularly humbled by this placement because it was chosen as a piece to welcome women to the space, and I initially was inspired by the feminine qualities (both dynamic and soft) of the image. With the title ‘Opening,’ it is fitting for both Spectrum’s mission, and my new journey with The Art Connection.”

*Note: Sarah Berry’s photographs will be featured in at the Rubin-Frankel Gallery from January 20-March 11.