Roxbury Community College

Roxbury Community College is a comprehensive, urban, student-centered, open-access community college providing higher education learning opportunities. They have received 75 art donations through The Art Connection at placements in 2005, 2012, and 2013. Their collection represents an array of diverse artistic mediums.Evans15-45x32

The primary mission of Roxbury Community College (RCC) is to serve the needs of a diverse Greater Roxbury area and the surrounding Boston metropolitan communities. Opportunities for learning include degree and certificate programs as well as courses for career advancement and personal investment for all who may benefit. Over half of the enrolled student body comes from low-income households.KanEva01-17x13

When Mark Lawrence, Library Director, approached The Art Connection for the first time in 2005 he said “Pursuing educational endeavors in an environment of original art is very supportive for student goals and college mission. This would be doubly true in an institution like Roxbury Community College where many students lack such exposure to original art at home.” We completed our first placement of 20 artworks in the college’s library later that year.LeaBet01-30x27

In 2012, 28 additional donations were installed the Administration Building in the academic affairs, enrollment, and registration areas, as well as in the Academic Building near the bookstore, group study rooms, language labs, and Multicultural Institute.IMG_4780

The third placement was completed in March, 2013 and was focused on placing art in areas of campus that had not yet received any. All 26 works hang in the finance office, student center, and in the corridors near the Heath Science, Information Technology, Science, and Business Technology classrooms. “There has been an extremely positive response from all segments of the College.  There is no question that those who have donated art pieces are supporting the educational goals that our students struggle so hard to achieve,” Mark shared with us.Nart116

“The Art Connection is one of the most creative ideas.  Just imagine, high quality art—that is to say, beauty—made available for free to agencies who can’t afford it and their clients who seldom see it.”Zang05

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