Eligibility & Application

Agency Eligibility:

  • You are a 501(c)(3) organization or public equivalent
  • You provide direct services to clients on-site
  • Your location has secure areas for art which are used regularly by clients
  • You do not have access to funds that could otherwise be used for the purchase of art
  • You provide a rationale for owning and displaying artwork
  • You are within a 15-mile radius of downtown Boston
  • You have staff leadership (i.e. ED, CEO) member for organization available for 1-hour meetings
  • You are able to frame artwork selected that can range in cost from $200-$1,500
  • You are able to pickup artwork across Boston (which may include rental costs if you do not have access to a large vehicle for transport)


If you meet the criteria above, please complete our two-part application. We recommend printing your completed Application and Donee Agreement for your records.

  1. Application to Receive Art
    This application will ask you to provide information regarding your mission, clients, annual budget, as well as provide a rationale for receiving artwork, and  include your Proof of Charitable status (if applicable).
  2. Donee Agreement
    Our Donee Agreement references our Deed of Gift and Agreement. Please take time to review the Deed, which our art recipients are expected to adhere to.