Selecting Artwork

Once an agency’s application is received and The Art Connection has conducted an initial Site Visit,  agencies approved to receive art will be invited to schedule a Placement Visit.

Placement Visit

This process is facilitated by our Program Manager and provides the opportunity for recipient agencies to select the work they wish to own and permanently display. Recipient agencies must assemble a Selection Committee of six to ten people (staff, clients, volunteers) who will make the decisions on which pieces are best for their site during a 1-2 hour process. We strongly encourage participation from clients and staff at all levels (program, facilities, clinicians, administrative, executive, etc.).

Our Program Manager will present our digital portfolio with around 150 images of artwork that represents the work of more than 100 artists. The artwork typically includes a range of paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, photography, and mixed media works.  Agencies are welcome to chose up to 25 original works of art for the walls selected during the Site Visit.

Artwork placed through The Art Connection may only hang in spaces regularly accessed by agency clients. No staff-only areas, restrooms, or kitchens are permitted.

For a sense of artwork made available for donation and now permanently exhibited in the community, please take a look at our Blog.