Prilla Smith Brackett

Revelations #2, placed at Elder Service Plan
Over the last 13 years, Prilla Smith Brackett has donated over 114 pieces to The Art Connection. Her vibrant landscape paintings are displayed in 76 different Boston-area nonprofits organizations, offering each agency a welcome escape into the comforting beauty of nature.  Breaking News! Prilla and her work were recently featured in ArtScope magazine. Read the article here. 

Berkshire October, placed at NWW CommitteeDuring her 30-year tenure as a professional artist, Prilla Smith-Brackett has attempted to approach landscape painting in a conceptual way, contrasting serene natural scenes with man-made possessions and decor. She says of her pieces, ” For several years I have been exploring the intermingling of the domestic man-made with the natural, in monoprints, mixed media paintings on panel, and drawings. When furniture from a previous era is placed in a forest I find such narrative uncertainty fascinating.”  

Oaks by the Bay #2, placed at Bay Cove Andrews House

Prilla says that the clients and beneficiaries of nonprofits and their services are her primarily reason for working with The Art Connection. “I love the idea of having work of mine be out in public places with non-profits so that the art can help humanize the environment for the clients. The art is great for the staff as well, but I’m mostly interested in my art reaching people who don’t have access to it otherwise. I’ve had the good fortune of having exhibits and opportunities to sell my work, but I really like the idea of democratizing art.”

Conversations #18, placed at Phil Bradley Housing

Long-time art collectors and connoisseurs, Prilla and her husband, George, have recently begun donating pieces from their personal collection to The Art Connection, in addition to Prilla’s own works. “My husband and I moved from a larger house to a smaller place with less wall space and it was a no-brainer to donate the pieces we couldn’t take with us to The Art Connection. I knew they took work from collectors and it seemed like it was the obvious place for it go. I wanted the pieces to go to the kind of agencies The Art Connection works with.”

Prilla’s colorful scenes will be on view at a new exhibition entitled Prilla Smith Brackett: Places of the Heart from October 20th to December 2nd at the Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, MA. Read more here. Prilla will speak to students and the public about her inspiration and artistic process from 6 to 8pm on November 3rd. The event is free and open to the public.

Earth Sayings #1, placed at The Dimock Center
Thanks again, Prilla for your generous donation and brilliant creations, we know our agencies truly appreciate them!