North Suffolk Mental Health Association

North Suffolk Mental Health Association (NSMHA) helps their clients achieve independence by providing a myriad of treatment and rehabilitation services as diverse as the individuals found in their waiting areas.

The Art Connection has placed artwork in two of NSMHA’s facilities, the Chelsea Clinic in January 2013, and the Revere Counseling Center in February 2012. All images in this story are of artwork selected for the Chelsea Clinic.



Indian Woman, photograph by Jack GoldsteinThe Chelsea Clinic has become the primary clinic for Spanish speaking families and the staff provides all psychiatric and medication services, counseling, and therapy in both English and Spanish.

The Revere Counseling Center provides outpatient therapy, after school care to special needs children under the age of 12, and various group therapies including expressive arts, anger management, and a Latina Mom’s Support Group. NSMHA’s Cambodian Clinic is located at the Revere Counseling Center and provides a range of treatments, counseling and community outreach.


7 Spot, silkscreen by Maria Termini

Rebecca Allen, the Marketing and Operations Manager shares that she “truly believes art has transformed the energy of the clinics.”




Woodstock, Capetown. Photograph by Michael RizzoThe goal at all NSMH sites is to provide early intervention by promoting prevention, education, and by participating in training and research. The agency knew the addition of original art would create welcoming and soothing environments; greeting clients warmly and reassuring that their experience will be a positive and supportive one with art that welcomes adults and children both. “It will make the clinic feel more like a friendly and inviting place,” staff member Amelia told us.


Pears, lithograph by Candy Nartonis

“When I walk into the clinics and I see bright vibrant paintings it makes me feel energized and happy,” Irene, a staff member tells us. “I wonder what the story behind the artist is and what has inspired them to paint a particual subject. “

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