Nan Tull

Dig:Babylonia placed at VNA Boston
Nan Tull has been a donating artist for over five years. She likes working with The Art Connection because we “help her get outside herself and share some of her love of art with others.” That love is certainly shared at 20+ community agencies who have selected 40 of her works to grace their walls and also with visitors to her current retrospective show at the Danforth Museum.

Somerthing to Remember You By placed at Victim WitnessNan has noted that the most rewarding aspect of participating with The Art Connection is “the pleasure and help it provides the agencies who choose the art work.” Her work has made a difference for so many organizations but perhaps one of the most emotional responses was at the Victim Witness Assistance program, a program that provides support to crime victims, witnesses, and family members. Her work, though abstract in nature, evoked a very powerful reaction in many of the family members who were part of the selection committee. Though they could not quite place their feeling, they knew they were experiencing a strong emotional response to the abstract forms. Later, learning that the work was entitled “Something to Remember You By,” the group was practically in tears.

Point of View 7 placed at Caritas Comm.
Tull wants her audience “to be more open to seeing what they wouldn’t have noticed before,” which is what seems to be happening at another recipient agency moved by her art. Anne Dooley of Caritas Communities, a program for homeless vets, shared: “After picking up Nan Tull’s ‘Point of View 7’ at her South Boston studio I cannot look at building cranes against the sky without mentally framing them into my own landscape painting. It turns my trips along construction sites into a moving, personal art gallery.”


Nan’s artist statement reads: ” For almost 20 years, encaustic has been my painting medium. Experimentation with prepared wax mediums and my own cold wax
emulsions preceded my long-standing love affair with molten beeswax, where what
goes on under its translucent surfaces interests me as much as what happens on top. Dig:Akkad placed at SC Elder ServicesMy paintings are constructed in layers that can be filled in, scraped down, carved into or piled up, just like strata of the earth.”




Nan’s work is featured in two shows this fall, if you are in the Boston area a visit would definitely be worthwhile! A retrospective entitled “Sensuous Wisdom (1984-2009)” is now on display through Nov. 8 at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham. Also, her new encaustic paintings will be exhibited at the Soprafina Gallery Oct. 2-31.


Inheritance:Descendents placed at Sherrill House
Nan reflects that her art ” also attempt[s] to radiate inner light and optimism along with energetic tension that is nonetheless grounded in harmonious order.” The same can be said of her wonderful attitude and personality. On a recent artist survey Nan was asked to complete the sentence “My art allows me to…,” she answered “…to be me.”