Mike Ritter

Sun, Sailboats, and Boston placed at Boston Center for Refugee Health
Now in his third year as a participating artist, photographer Mike Ritter has donated 20 artworks to 10 local nonprofits. Recipient organizations that connect with his work range from groups working with the elderly to those in low-income housing, and from at-risk youth to newly arrived refugees – demonstrating his versatility and ability to use his camera to connect with the community.

Joy placed at Boston Center for Refugee HealthMike is a Boston-based freelance photographer specializing in event, editorial, and architectural work for area schools, businesses, newspapers, and architects. He concentrates on keeping his subjects relaxed and listening to his clients. While being quite proud of his local work and always happy to do more, Mike has completed jobs in Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru. When not shooting, Mike participates in local art shows and teaches photography to children.


Jumping the Memorial placed at North Shore Community College
About his participation with The Art Connection, Mike comments: “I take pride in Boston and in my work. By providing donation opportunities to very inspirational institutions, The Art Connection helps me strengthen my relationship to Boston through my work. Knowing my photos may help provide some inspiration and solace at local nonprofits is tremendously gratifying.”


Go Sox placed at Hope House
Recently, Mike attended an art reception at Hope House, an agency that selected his work for display in their new building that provides services to individuals recovering from substance abuse. While there, he met a client who identified a taxi in one of Mike’s photos as belonging to a friend of his. Apparently, The Art Connection can not only connect art to nonprofits, but also artists to their subjects!