May 2010 – North Shore Adult Day Centers Receive Large Art Donation from Area Artists

LYNN, MA – The Elder Service Plan of North Shore will hold a reception on Wednesday, May 19 to celebrate the donation of 20 original works of art from The Art Connection, a nonprofit organization in Boston that places work from donor artists in community service agencies around Massachusetts. The reception will be held at 3:30 p.m. at 37 Friend Street in Lynn, at the newest of the four innovative adult day health centers that are receiving the donated artwork.


The Elder Service Plan of North Shore is a special program that enables seniors to remain independent in their homes and communities by providing them with a variety of resources, including medical services, caregiver support, and opportunities for social engagement. The art donation will make a large difference for staff, clients, and caregivers by providing the health centers with a more visually appealing and comforting atmosphere.


A selection committee from the Elder Service Plan of North Shore reviewed over three hundred pieces of available art before selecting the final works that were placed as a permanent gift with the agency. 14 different artists-including Candy Nartonis, David Kupferman, Frances K. Grossman, Jeannine Cook, Joan Jacobson-Zamore, JoAnne Hungate, Leslie Miller, Marcia Sewall, Martha Jane Bradford, Prilla Smith Brackett, , Steve Barylick, Sue Wurzel, and Suzanne Hodes, along with collector, Peter Sperber -donated their art. High resolution images of the artwork are available on request.


Dedicated to expanding public access to visual art, The Art Connection has helped install over 4,500 artworks in over 275 different agencies, giving those who often have the least access to art direct contact in their own communities. Within these healing environments, the original works of art provide welcome opportunities for reflection, inspiration, comfort, and hope. The Art Connection’s art placement program is made possible through the generous support of individual donors and is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


For more information, visit The Art Connection’s website, email, or call (617) 338-7668.