Mark Peterson

Four Buildings, placed at Central Boston Elder Services, Inc.Mark Peterson is a photographer whose “automatic montage” technique lends itself to creating images of Boston and beyond that are familiar, colorful, and highly popular with our recipient agencies. He first made art available for donation through The Art Connection in 2011.

Mark says his objective is “to take an ordinary view of specific but possibly anonymous site and expose a hidden composition within it.” The result of this aim is a body of work that has the staff and clients sitting on our selection committees talking and asking questions…



Wires, placed at Cambridge Health Alliance - Somerville Hospital“Oh, I know where that is… wait… where is that?” is a comment not unlike many overheard during the selection process as participants begin to connect with Mark’s work and try to figure out where these works images might have been taken. The familiarity of a site is appealing to Selection Committees, and Peterson, who often shoots in “light of transition”, either early in the morning or at the end of the day. He says the light “evokes not only a specific time but also the moment of reflection in solitude that often accompanies the awareness of this time.”


Valley Vista, placed at Alliance HouseMark donated 10 works in early 2011. Half of the works were selected in less than six months, and now they’ve almost all found homes. Mark just donated another handful of works we are very happy to place into the portfolio to be viewed by our upcoming selection committees. Mark was happy to donate the additional work, saying, I’m so pleased that the Art Connection and I found each other. They select recipient organizations with great care, and it’s a privilege and source of real pride for me to be able to make some contribution to them. As a plus– the Art Connection is just plain well-organized and a pleasure to work with.”


North from HB2, placed at MHPI, Inc.Mark Peterson will be showing and speaking about his works on May 21st at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, read all about it

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