Maria Termini

Blue Iris, placed at Youville House
Newton artist Maria Termini has currently donated more work than any other Art Connection artist. Her 255th piece was recently selected by The Asian American Civic Association, and her artwork hangs in over 100 nonprofits in the greater Boston area.

As noted on her website, “Maria creates joyful, colorful and earthy artworks that witness wonder and reflect reverence for the beauty of nature. She works in serigraphy (silkscreening), watercolor, collage, fabric appliqué, drawing with colored pencils and mosaics delighting in the unique qualities of these materials, improvising and nurturing into existence images from the deep well of her imagination.”

Power Cat, placed at Malden YWCA
Maria has been donating her art through The Art Connection for over 10 years. She shared one of her reasons for donating as follows: “I need to share my art with other humans. This is not always easy since it is so difficult to sell art. I strongly believe that art is a very important for us as humans. It is food for our soul and I am glad that I can help bring some beauty and meaning to other people’s lives through their experience of my artwork.”

Three Trees, placed at the Boston Living CenterIn a general sense, she noted that ” “The world is bleak enough, and at the nonprofits, the art can be admired and inspire.” And the nonprofits do admire and feel inspired. When asked about the impact of Maria’s work, Michael Bacon of the Boston Living Center said, ” The composition and color [of Maria’s work – left] bring so much life to the room. I have always referred to them as the “dancing happy trees.” All of her work, no matter what medium she uses, has so much life in it. I liked them so much I bought another piece of her work for my home!”

Magic Peas, placed at Victory Programs

Regarding her work donated to Victory Programs, Michael Rousseau notes that “Magic Peas (left) brightens our shared kitchen, and provides the perfect backdrop for our community meals. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the folks here have a welcoming place to break bread with friends and family, and appreciate the ‘peas’ and quiet.”

Maria has also said that “The Art Connection makes use of waiting rooms and places where people are forced to take time away from their busy lives. For these spaces allow the artwork to be given the consideration and thought it deserves.” Many thanks Maria, for generously filling so many spaces with thought-provoking art that makes people smile and adds a little more color to their lives!