Marcia Sewall

Fable #24 placed at Brookline Community Mental Health Center
Featured artist Marcia Sewall shares her thoughts of the program: “The Art Connection makes a great contribution to the artist and the community. It allows the artist to, in a sense, volunteer in a meaningful way, sharing with organizations that might otherwise not be able to afford original art.”

Marcia Sewall, artist and writer, engages the audience by engaging its imagination. Marcia describes one of her recent series as an attempt “to visually capture the essence of a fable… an abstract, brief, linear, witty story, hopefully captured in these paintings without words or representation.” The  bright colors and shaded edges in Marcia’s artwork challenge the viewer to uncover the images’ origins.

Lilies #1 placed at Malden Senior Community Center
Marcia’s canvas and historical art also allow communities of recovery to participate in a story. Within it, strips of color drop in tandem, stems reach past their own borders, and authentic characters encourage individuals to see Marcia’s contributions as strands within the community’s commitment to a larger whole.

At Adolescent Consultation Services, Jane Siegel, LICSW, stated, “Marcia’s work transforms our reception area and welcomes the community to our agency. Its bright colors enlivened our Open House and Art Reception, engaging clients and guests alike.” Upon seeing Marcia’s artwork for the first time, a participant in Boston’s Victory Program also added, “This art work is inspiring and [entails] a sense of new beginnings and a fresh start.”

Folk Bouquet #2 placed at Adolescent Consultation Services
Marcia’s use of complex shapes and shadowing, finally, reflect the ebb and flow of day-to-day life. In experiencing Marcia’s Bouquet Series the viewer is stilled by the close bloom of a lily. The artistic ‘process of making’, however, remains echoed in the darker frames of color that give movement from one moment to the next, and the artist describes this as a series that has to do with “color intensity.”

Bouquet with Orange Vase placed at Victory ProgramsMarcia has already donated 18 original works to 12 local nonprofits ranging from programs that work with adolescents, refugees, elders, people with substance abuse, etc. Her work is appealing to many populations, and she asks of her viewers one simple request: “I hope my art will ask people to stop and look… just for a minute, and forget worldly concerns. I know when I return from my studio my blood pressure is low, incredibly low, for I have spent an afternoon totally absorbed in what is visual.”