Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center

The Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center (Kennedy CHC) believes everyone has the right to accessible, high quality, comprehensive, integrated and compassionate health care, regardless of their ability to pay. They have received artwork for clinics in Framingham, Milford, and Worcester!

“Our three medical sites—in     Worcester, Framingham, and Milford—differ in the size and style of facilities, the number of patients served and the number of staff who work at each site, and the variety of services offered,” says COO Leah Gallivan. “But across all these settings, there is universal gratitude by our patients and staff for the very special artwork that now enhances and beautifies the settings where our patients receive health care.”

GliMel01-48x72-MILFORDKennedy CHC’s mission is to provide all individuals with high quality health care, regardless of their ability to pay. Patients come to the center from many backgrounds; only 14% speak English as their primary language. Patients include immigrants, refugees, the uninsured and underinsured, and disadvantaged communities of all ages.  Kennedy CHC sites offer primary care, urgent care, medical specialties, nutrition counseling, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health, health education and youth development programs.

GmuAnd01-68x44ea-FRAMINGHAMKennedy CHC in Framingham received 21 artworks after their renovation in 2012 and then another four works in 2014 from our Creative Community show at Danforth Art. Paula Kaminow, Vice President of Operations, says, “We are able to share this diverse array of art with our patients… it has brought smiles to whatsometimes can be anxiety-filled medical visits, especially when vaccines are involved. In addition, we engaged our staff, many of whom are from the community themselves, in a fun, team-building, enlightening experience of selecting the pieces.”GlaTho19-22x29_MILFORD

The Milford site received 25 artworks in 2014. Nurse Manager, Brenda Figueroa says that “staff and patients in Milford are ecstatic over the art pieces. The Art Connection has helped us to createsomething special at our medical facility.”


Our most recent Kennedy CHC partnership was with their site inWorcester. Because of their distance from Boston, we offered them works stored at The Art Connection offices. In June, they selected 38 artworks for their facility and will begin the installation process this summer! After the selection process, the center’s Arabic Interpreter, Farah Saeed, told us she “never thought we would be able to make a decision about which artworks to select, but we ended up with various colors, media, and styles we all love.”Hodes131-30x40-FRAMINGHAM

It is wonderful working with a community health center bringing so much goodness, and now art, to their constituents! Learn more about the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center online at http://www.kennedychc.org