The Shattuck Hospital provides cost effective health care to diverse, economically/socially disadvantaged, and underserved patients. Located in Jamaica Plain, the hospital has inpatient care for the chronically and severely mentally ill, programs for those struggling with substance abuse, and services for patients with chronic conditions, those being treated for infectious diseases such as HIV/TB, geriatric psych patients with behavior issues, those with a range of mental health diagnoses, and those struggling with addiction and homelessness. Under the direction of artists Tova Speter and Anyahlee (and with the help of volunteer artist Sarah Mertz), patients, clinical staff, administrators, and volunteers from the Shattuck came together to design and paint a community mural representing themes of hope, metamorphosis, recovery, discovery, and diversity. “Journey” now welcomes patients at the outpatient entrance of the hospital with color and creativity.
Mural completed September 2009.

Journey Mural at ShattuckWall at Shattuck before the mural
A dedication event celebrated the mural on Monday October 19 at 4 pm. Click here for the flyer with more information…


This mural was made possible due to a generous grant from the John and Naomi Tomfohrde Foundation.




Check out the slide show below or by clicking here to view on Flickr…..