JoAnn Rothschild

Mothwing by artist JoAnn Rothschild, placed at Malden Senior Community Center
JoAnn has been donating art through The Art Connection for over 10 years and has donated the largest works we have been able to offer in our portfolio. Her colorful paintings on canvas are often 8′ x 10′ or bigger and are literally HUGE gifts to local nonprofits.

With a studio in the South End, JoAnn is close to The Art Connection geographically, but her generosity in donating her large works demonstrates her close connection to our mission as well. She says: “Much of my best In the Book of Life by JoAnn Rothschild, placed at Roxbury Community Collegework is on a public scale, too large for individual dwellings. The Art Connection has given me the opportunity to place work in homeless shelters, schools, libraries and hospitals. As a result my paintings reach the larger population for whom they were created.”

 Naked by JoAnn Rothschild, placed at United Homes Adult ServicesJoAnn has established herself as a prominent abstract artist and describes her work as containing “a language of grids, interrupted by marks and lines. Expectations set up and deceived. Regularity disrupted by touch. Rhythms established and changed. It’s not that I make the same paintings over and over again. If problems did not continue to present themselves, I hope I would do something more immediately practical.”

 Regarding her donations through The Art Connection, JoAnn notes that “as a child I benefited from seeing great 20th century paintings in my great aunts collection. I know from teaching homeless women that art is not readily accessible to poor populations. Artistic experience should not be reserved for the privileged.”

Many thanks to JoAnn for sharing The Art Connection’s desire to increase the access of art to underserved communities. Her works truly make a difference in their new homes and that her large paintings reach such large audiences is a winning situation for all involved.

South Street by JoAnn Rothschild, placed at the Andrew Peabody School

Note: Two of JoAnn’s large paintings will be celebrated at the Grand Opening of Malden’s new Senior Community Center. Her work was also featured in an article in Spare Change News.