Jessica Pinsky

Untitled, available for placementYou might recognize painter Jessica Pinsky’s style from our 2011 holiday card. Her two donations from the “What’s Your Fortune?” series were both selected by Whidden Hospital in November for display in its Women’s Health Center. Jessica is an Ohio native who moved to Boston to attend graduate school at Boston University, where she completed her masters of fine arts in painting in 2009. She painted out of Vernon Street Studios, in the studio space next to Tova Speter’s (former program manager), the introduction was made, and Jessica donated her first work in May 2011.



What“What’s Your Fortune” (Landscape) and “What’s Your Fortune” (Seascape), both oil on canvas, were selected for the Women’s Health Center at The Cambridge Health Alliance’s Whidden Hospital located in Everett. Whidden Hospital’s art selection committee was comprised of 11 staff representing everyone from doctors to administrative staff to the hospital chaplain. The committee reached consensus about which pieces should hang in the lobbies, surgery and x-ray sections, and other places around their hospital, and the placement of Jessica’s work was an easy choice for them. The committee felt these two works really belonged together in the waiting room of the Women’s Health Center because they are soothing yet vibrant and feminine.



Art Connection Holiday CardThis specific work also caught the eye of one of our office volunteers, Natasha as she rotated our in-office exhibit. A work on display was selected, and Natasha chose “What’s Your Fortune” (Seascape) to hang in its place while it awaited selection. It was during this time that we took our staff holiday photo, and this artwork became the featured piece on our card.





Jessica was happy to have her work displayed on our card and is “thrilled to be able to donation art to the Art Connection” because for her making art is “the ability to look inward as well as out to the world, sometimes with magnifying detail, and reflect on those findings”. Jessica told us that she “wants happiness to be a constant partner in this exploration” and she hopes others to find happiness in her work. Although Jessica has returned to Ohio, she is glad Whidden Hospital selected her art, because she fondly recalls her time in Boston, saying “it is where I spent the better part of my education enjoyed living there very much.”


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