Jeannine Cook

Summer Day, placed at Newton Housing AuthorityJeannine Cook’s vibrant, luminous watercolor paintings are popular with a range of agencies. Jeannine is currently based in Townsend Georgia, was born in Tanzania, is European by heritage, and British-American by nationality. She is one of a growing number of active art donors who live outside of Boston. Jeannine Cook has been generously donating art since 2009.

We were curious as to how an out-of-state artist heard about us and decided to donate to agencies in the Greater Boston Area. Jeannine told us that she, like many of our donors, learned about us via word of mouth. “…through a good friend and superb artist, Susan Schwalb.”


Neighbors I, placed at Alliance HouseThe artist’s work is in many public collections in the United States and Europe. Most recently Jeannine donated a piece to a fundraising auction for The New Hall Art Collection, a permanent collection of contemporary art by women artists in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, where her work is part of the permanent collection. This spring, Jeannine taught a three-week watercolor workshop at the Telfair Museum in Savannah, Georgia, and is co-curating a show slated to open in 2012 at Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University in Alabama.

As an artist who’s background is as diverse as her reach, it is a pleasure to have her work accessible to people around Boston. Fifteen agencies have selected 19 of her watercolors. Jeannine “was impressed with the concept of sharing one’s art through non-profits because I have seen, throughout my life, how art can make people’s eyes light up and bring a moment of joy, interest or peace.”


McIntosh Oak, placed at Somali Development CenterA range of agency selection committees have been drawn to her work- from places who directly serve youth and their families, to hospitals, to elder service centers. “Art speaks in so many voices, touching people in so many different ways”, says Jeannine. “I feel privileged to add my art to this multi-facetted conversation in such places.” To learn more about the artist,visit her website.