Jason Pechinski

Downtown Crossing placed at UMASS Boston
When an artist donates work, it may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of years for the work to be selected. Jason has only been an art donor with The Art Connection for six short months, and yet all eight of the works he has made available for donation have already placed! Wow!


Central Square Night placed at City on a Hill Charter School
As noted on his website, Jason believes “a painting should first successfully display the qualitative and objective physical properties of visual artistry (drawing, complex color, composition, and other visceral aspects). The second, and perhaps decisive factor in producing fine art, is the psychological expression and subjective content. This can also be described as the emotional, philosophical, and/or spiritual. It is my hope and intent to merge these elements to create a finished piece with meaning and substance. Only then in my opinion does a mere design, or conversely a concept, become a work of art.”

Park St Stop placed at Rogerson Communities Adult Day ProgramHe continues by saying: “The paintings are intended to be seen at many levels. I invite the viewer to spend some time very close to the surface, to become absorbed in the brushwork and layering of paint… I would encourage one to resist asking who or what is represented in a piece before spending time with the work. The paintings are not photos, nor are they meant to be literal, while yet they are also “realistic” representations of elements of life…”


Millenial, placed at RYI Dorchester Community Re-Entry Center
Agencies that have selected works by Jason include City on a Hill Charter School, UMASS Boston’s nursing program, Roxbury Youthworks – Dorchester Community Re-Entry Center, MSPP, Rogerson Communities Adult Day Program and Hope House. All the agencies have commented that they selected Jason’s work because the content is such that their clients/students can relate to, and yet it contains an energy that their clients/students can wonder about and discuss.


Middle East, placed at UMASS BostonRegarding his relationship with The Art Connection, Jason says: “My experience with the Art Connection has been excellent and very gratifying. Their mission reminds us all of the power and importance of art in everyone’s life, young & old, strong & infirm, rich & poor alike. I feel as strongly about my work being placed in private collections and museums as well as community centers, retirement homes, educational and health centers etc.”