Janet Shapero

Orange Appeal - x, Rete-Chrome placed at Victory ProgramsJanet Shapero has enjoyed seeing 34 of her art donations find homes in our partner organizations since 2004. Her donations are primarily of Rete-chromes, Janet’s unique process which involves layering pigment on an open-weave backing, produces images that let some light through them and attract recipient agencies to them with their vibrant use of color and the intrigue of an unfamiliar but welcoming medium. Private Realms - Vectors, Rete-Chrome placed at Community Legal Services and Counseling Center

Janet believes art has the power to positively transform society, which is why she donates through The Art Connection. “For me, the creation of artwork is a spiritual as well as a physical, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic process,” Janet tells us. “It has been a great pleasure to see my artwork installed in environments where the work has the opportunity of making a difference in people’s lives and have meaningful interactions with people involved in the recipient organizations.”

Accordion Stripes, Rete-Chrome placed at Cambridge Health AllianceThe term Rete-chrome is derived from rete, Latin for net; and chrome, Greek for color, and describes Janet’s decade-long work with this special process and the resulting artworks. “In addition to its beauty, translucency, versatility, and malleability, the screen also resonates for me conceptually.” Janet says. “I see it as a perfect metaphor for the filter of memory; the mesh through which we filtrate experience and through which we view the world¡­ each work represents an investigation; an inner journey; a personal map.” 


AM 4, Rete-Chrome placed at D.E.A.F., Inc.Janet also contributes to The Art Connection by serving on our Program Committee as an artist representative since Fall of 2011. Janet’s studio is at Waltham Mills on Moody Street in Waltham. She is a visiting arts professor for the doctorate program at the University of Barcelona and has taught in other university settings including Utah State University, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Maine College of Art, Mass College of Art, and Wellesley College.


Visit Janet’s website to explore Rete-Chromes and more at www.janetshapero.com.