Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc.

Dawn on Mt. Hood, silkscreen  by Deborah ClearmanHomeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (HRI) is a non-profit founded in 1972, whose main goal is the development of affordable housing in the city of Cambridge. HRI, Inc. recently purchased a large apartment building in Inman Square that houses many senior citizens and disabled adults. They received 25 works of art in February 2012.

HRI has shifted its focus from homeownership to include rental properties as a means to create new opportunities for households that cannot compete in Cambridge’s housing market. HRI’s continuing mission is to provide safe, affordable, decent, and sustainable housing.


Red 1, photography by Janet FuchsOur first placement with HRI was at the Inman Square Apartments, where many of the residents at this property are homebound and spend a fair amount of time congregating in the buildings’ community areas. The apartment building was renovated by HRI, and the agency came to The Art Connection so that original artwork could be part of their efforts to better the space for its residents.



Untitled oil on board by Henry Pancher. Donated by Harriet FinkelsteinSeveral residents participated on the Selection Committee at the placement visit. One resident told us she participated because she thought it would be fun to choose art that everyone would get see. Another resident said the art will have “great impact! People will be excited.” He also shared that “voicing one’s likes and dislikes but taking other opinions into account”, was a challenge while selecting which 25 works of art (out of roughly 300 viewed) the Inman Square Apartments community would select.


Fifth Avenue Crossroads, oil on canvas by Suzanne HodesHRI is dedicated to keeping affordable housing a reality and has a portfolio of over 1,500 units, including those located within the Inman Square Apartment building, to accomplish this task. This month staff at HRI’s main office, located in Cambridge’s Central Square, will be selecting art in order to enhance the space for their clients who visit to meet with staff or apply for housing. Many of these new applicants are in the midst of a foreclosure or similar challenges that compromise a sound living situation.

To learn more about HRI, please visit www.homeownersrehab.org