Our Fast Four with Jeannie Motherwell

Since 2006, Jeannie Motherwell’s whimsical washes have graced the halls of agencies primarily serving students and elders like Massbay Community College, Cooperative Elder Services Inc, and North Suffolk Mental Health. We are excited to ask her the “Fast Four” questions as our first Artist Feature in 2018.

“Bath”,  Acrylic on linen, 20″x40″, Placed at MassBay Community College in 2015

CT: What has led you to donate to The Art Connection?
JM: I used to teach classes to lower income students at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich CT. I wanted to help children and teens feel excited – as opposed to intimidated –  by viewing art for the first time. The Art Connection’s mission of bridging the gap between art and organizations who cannot afford to buy art, but who want to stimulate their work environment, really spoke to me. It has been my pleasure to contribute to The Art Connection for many years.


CT: How would you describe your artistic process?
JM: I am amazed by the mysteries of the oceans and skies in changing weather, Hubble-type images of the universe, and my own physicality during the painting process. There’s an intimacy to the space in my work but also an immensity. The process I use and the mere physicality of it help me explore spatial complexities that yield marvelous surprises, often carrying me in directions I cannot anticipate. I like to think of my artwork as an ‘event’ or an ‘occurrence’; that is, an action that emerges in the here and now — the subject matter symbolizing the images and mysteries of creation.

“Mars: Sea Worthy”,  Acrylic and collage on paper, 12″x14″, Placed at Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (Auburn Court) in 2014


CT: What has been the most challenging or satisfying work you’ve made to date?
JM: My newer works are especially challenging due to my process and the element of surprise that comes with the mediums that I use and their reactions to or with the surfaces and pigments. Seeing what has occurred when the paint has dried and then editing with the constant ‘what if’ challenges me to re-see and reinvent.


CT: What do you hope viewers gain from engaging with your work?
JM: I would like viewers to have a sense of curiosity and wonder as they view my work.

“Venetian Alley”, Collage on canvas, 18″x24″, Placed at Career Source in 2009


You can see the wonder of her work on her website and in person and either of the following events:

Rochester Museum of Fine Arts
Andrew Carnegie Gallery
Color Stories: Selected Works by Jeannie Motherwell
April 7 – June 2, 2018
Opening reception
Saturday April 7, 1-4 pm
65 South Main Street
Rochester, NH

AMP Gallery
New Paintings
July 27-August 8
Reception: Friday, July 27, 6-9pm
432 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
Telephone: 646-298-9258