FamilyAid Boston

Big Boy by Kathrynn Sanfillipo

Serving more than 2,911 men, women and children in just the
last year, FamilyAid Boston (formerly Travelers Aid Family Services) is one of
the largest service providers to homeless families in Massachusetts – families
who are welcomed to their offices by 34 works of original art donated through
The Art Connection.

Dara by Candy Nartonis
FamilyAid Boston works with families at all stages of the
journey from homelessness to housing by providing homelessness prevention
assistance, emergency shelter, and permanent, affordable housing in conjunction
with support services. Along the way, they work with families to identify and
address the problems that led to their current crisis. Their goal is for the
families who they serve to remain housed, stable, and able to provide for
themselves long after leaving the FamilyAid Boston’s care.

Window with Secrets by John Borchard

The agency arose from 19th century social movements that
formed to help immigrant single women and families find housing and jobs. The
agency was incorporated in 1920 with the mission to assist the traveling
public, including the poor and disadvantaged. Over the past two decades
FamilyAid Boston’s work has increasingly focused on helping homeless families
become stable, housed, and self-sufficient.

FamilyAid Boston recently participated in their second art
selection process and are the new home to a range of prints, paintings, and
photographs donated through The Art Connection. The diversity of the art
collection reflects their diversity of clients including people who are
homeless, people living a transient lifestyle, and those who are isolated and
disconnected from other means of support.

Untitled by Dorothy Uhlig Green

Of the process, Operations Associate Sarah Chapple-Sokol
noted, “It was really exciting to look at so many pieces of art and think
about which would be best for the agency. We hope the new art provides
stimulation and opportunity for reflection for all those who come through our
space.” Zach Sherman, Senior Property Coordinator shared, “I would
never think in a million years that an organization like this existed. The
generosity is through the roof, we could not be happier. And I was so surprised
at the quality of the art offered to us – it is truly amazing work and we are
honored to have it on display in our building.”

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