Faith Hyde

Friends at Casa EsperanzaAs of this year Faith has joined our 100 club! We have now placed 154 of her works in community agencies! Her lively caricatures of people she comes across while out and about inspire smiles in 48 Boston area organizations.

Faith is an artist who received her education at the Rhode Island School of Design but feels that her education was only the beginning of her endless quest to figure out what she can do.

On the T at East Boston Neighborhood Health CenterShe has been an active Art Connection donating artist for the past five years, ever since she stumbled upon our office, quite literally! She says: “The Art Connection is the best connection I’ve ever found because it does help people and is the greatest way for an artist to contribute to the community. You don’t always know what to do or how to help because you’re so busy creating in your studio, but to know that there’s a place for this work that will be appreciated is just wonderful. It’s a great form of community service for artists!”

“HSchool Morning at Lowell Community Health Centerelping people is very enriching for the artist, not only the people who get the artwork. Participating in theĀ program helps me to be a better artist because it gives me an audience, helps me understand other communities, and gives the gift of compassion that you might not have or noticed otherwise. I think I get more out of it than the people who get my art!”


After the Holiday at Brookline Community Mental Health“I’ve been to at least 10 agency receptions and it’s a privilege to be included to see these places and meet the people involved. It’s entering a world and meeting people I would never otherwise see or know. My artwork introduces me to these different communities and helps me learn about other lives and situations. The Art Connection has also introduced me to other artists and increased connections and opportunities that way. Connections are how we do things in life and The Art Connection is one of the best connections I know!”

Thank you Faith for your generosity in helping to bring art to life!