Elly Rubin

An Extension of Myself, placed at Families in Transition
Newton artist Eleanor Rubin, an art donor with The Art Connection for 13 years, now has 37 of her works on display at 24 local nonprofits. “Magnified Wish,” a series of watercolors from 2004 are among her most recent donations – here she talks about the inspiration for these works and why donating her art is important:

I┬áremember the words of a mentoring artist who told me: When I’m struggling to get started on a new drawing, I sometimes wrinkle up my paper so that it is less The Color of Feathers, placed at the Kelliher Centerpristine and intimidating. The wrinkled paper, he explained, freed him up to explore. I did something similar in 2004 when I found a lightweight, textured paper that freed me up to splash and explore freely with watercolor paints. An extensive series of expressive watercolors called “Magnified Wish” resulted in part from using this paper.

Song: Diva and Bird, placed at the Dimock Center“The Center Cannot Hold” and “Song: Diva and Bird,” are two of the images from the “Magnified Wish” series which I’ve made available to The Art Connection. “Song: Diva and Bird” is emblematic of this series because it is about finding one’s voice and about music. In addition it pictures a bird and hints at the possibilities of flying and freedom.

One of the images in the “Magnified Wish” series will be reproduced in an upcoming publication, (Rain and Resurrection, by Dr. Irun Cohen, Landes Bioscience, 2010.) However there is no destination for my artwork that pleases me more than its placement by The Art Connection in places like The Center Cannot Hold, placed at Adolescent Consultation ServicesAdolescent Consultation Services and The Dimock Center.

The exploratory spirit in which the work was painted is duplicated in the process of placing the artwork at such sites. The Art Connection creates a risk-free opportunity for social service agencies to review and choose art they think will enhance their facilities. My artwork will consequently be enjoyed everyday in a setting where the goals are well-being, safety and enhanced quality of life.

Harbinger: Sun and Rain, placed at Vicoty ProgramsPeople who are free to choose it without regard for financial restrictions will enjoy the artwork. “Price” is never an issue in these transactions between people who desire to see art in their environment & artists who want their artwork to have a life outside of the confines of studios, galleries and Museums. The Art Connection makes these exchanges possible.

To read more from Eleanor, feel free to visit her blog.