Ellen Rich

Rich23Ellen Rich likes shapes which are exaggerated, over the top, and awkward and show how the piece evolves in its making. She loves working with materials, the infinite color choices, the cutting, the smoothing down, the additive action; adding but rarely subtracting until it feels right. The sometimes rough edges and unfinished, messy bits for her make for greater authenticity because of greater resemblance to real life.

Ellen has been involved with The Art Connection since before we were incorporated in July 1995! She fondly recalls “meeting around a table at Fay Chandler’s Engine House Studios to plan ways of implementing Fay’s wonderful concept. In one way or another I’ve been involved ever since.”
Rich20And that she has! Ellen made her first art donations in 2000 and since then 17 artworks have been installed at 15 recipient agencies. She has also been a member of The Art Connection’s Program Committee since September, 2008. In this capacity, she joined our Program Manager on a Placement Visit at Still Harbor to get an inside look at how agencies and their clients chose artwork. “I was blown away by the thought and care that they put into the selection of work!”

Rich08One of Ellen’s most meaningful placements was at the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans in August 2000, where they selected Full Circle, image on left.

“Seeing my work hanging in that caring but sad setting was a powerful emotional experience. Making art for me is all about connecting with other people…from my studio to the walls of a homeless shelter is a large leap and art makes the connection.”

Ellen-Rich20231_4727Most recently, her works have been featured at various Art Connection events. In December 2013, juror Brent Refsland selected Ellen’s work to be part of Chain Reaction, a group show of Art Connection artists at Brickbottom Gallery. Our Art BINGO jurors from both 2013 and 2014 selected work from Ellen’s Fancy Free series to be included among the 12 pieces available to winners of bingo games.

Learn more about Ellen and see her work online at http://ellenrichart.com/