Edie Bowers

In the Balance, Act 2, placed at Transition House

Artwork by Edie Bowers, “Falling into Place, 5”, was recently selected as the 5,000th work of art placed by The Art Connection! This work was selected in March by a committee of staff and residents at United Residents in Academy Homes II (URIAH) in Roxbury.

“Falling into Place, 5,” oil stick on paper, and “Italian Landscape,” oil on canvas, were the two works selected at URIAH’s placement visit in March. The agency first received art from The Art Connection in July 2007, and happened to select two other works by Edie Bowers then as well. Bowers first partnered with The Art Connection to donate her work in 2007 and the selection of her work by URIAH back then was one of her first placements! It is a  Burren Wall II, placed at United Residents in Academy Homes IIterrific coincidence that our 5,000th placement is this one, where an agency has truly taken a liking to a particular artist’s work.

Many of the agencies who have selected Bowers’ paintings have indeed taken more than one, a testament to the popularity of her work. In her four years participating with The Art Connection, a dozen of her paintings have been placed into nine agencies around the Boston area.

Falling into Place, 5. Placed at United Residents in Academy Homes IIBowers shared her thoughts about The Art Connection and this recent placement by saying: “When I first heard about The Art Connection years ago, from another artist, I thought it was a wonderful idea. Art is a form of communication, and I like the fact that my paintings have an audience that they might not have had without this organization. It is particularly nice that URIAH has chosen several of my works, and I am happy to know that they have found a good home. I think it is important that original art is available to all, and I am fortunate to be able to donate some of my work through The Art Connection.”

Monhegan Trail, placed at Volunteer Lawyers Project Often the response we get from Bowers when her work has been placed includes something about how happy she is that her work “will have a new home”. It must be said that the relationship is reciprocal- there are many agencies where the populations served are residents, as is the case with URIAH. These places are now more home-like thanks to artists like Edie Bowers.