Art Donor FAQs (for Collectors)

If you are a Collector (person with intention to donate work(s) created by someone other than yourself) and would like to offer work(s) through The Art Connection, please note that The Art Connection requests a financial contribution equivalent to 15% of the market value of artwork(s) submitted for donation through our program.

What is The Art Connection?

Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1995, The Art Connection’s mission is to make art accessible to people who would benefit from exposure to original art in their daily lives but may not currently have access to it. The Art Connection identifies artists willing to donate their work, shows the artwork to qualified agencies, and teaches them to care for the art. The works of art then become the permanent property of the recipient agencies.

How many artworks have been placed?

In 22 years, we have placed over 7,700 artworks in over 400 different agencies in Greater Boston.

How many art donors participate?

Over 470 artists and collectors have donated their art through us.

What are reasons to donate art through The Art Connection?

Artists and collectors donate art through The Art Connection for a number of reasons, including to: (1) know their donation can have an impact on the daily lives of people in need (2) show art to audiences who normally do not have access to art; (3) move work out of storage and have it viewed by many; (4) support a recipient agency’s mission; (5) continue the legacy of an artist whose work you enjoy; and/or (6) donate through a reliable program that makes the process simple.

Why do the agencies need art?

Recipient agencies need art for a number of reasons, including to : (1) enrich the lives of program participants; (2) stimulate dialogue, healing, creativity, learning; (3) boost the self-esteem of participants and staff; (4) create a more welcoming environment; and (5) allow them to participate in the collaborative process of choosing their new collection.

How are recipient agencies selected?

We ensure the eligibility of agencies through a comprehensive application process. Upon receipt of their applications, we visit the agencies to meet with staff and elaborate upon their responsibilities, talk with program participants, and assess their facilities. Qualified recipient agencies are public or nonprofit organizations that provide direct service to program participants, have secure areas used regularly by visitors and participants, and lack the funds necessary to purchase art.

How do I offer my art for donation?

It’s easy. You can a) register by completing a Donor Agreement, then submit images and artwork information online via our Automated Artwork Donation tool on our website; or b) contact us for a hard copy of our materials and send back the Donor Agreement, Artwork Information Sheet, and digital images (sizes 250KB to 5MB, at least 1000 pixels in the larger direction). We will then present a digital presentation of your art to qualified agencies.

When will an artwork be selected?

When artwork is offered for donation, it may take weeks, months, or possibly a year or two before an agency selects it. Our process allows agencies to select by committee (usually comprising a group of 6-10 staff, clients, board members, and/or volunteers) that reviews approximately 150 available artworks and chooses the most appropriate art for its site.

What happens when an agency selects my art donation?

When artwork is selected, we will contact you for approval, tell you about the agency, and handle all the communication and paperwork needed to donate the art. After the confirmation packet has been sent, we ask the agency to contact you within 15 days and pickup the art within 30 days.

How will the art be stored and transported?

We ask you to store the art at your home. The recipient agency is responsible for transporting the art and will call you to schedule a convenient time to pick up the art.

What if I cannot store my donated art?

We have limited storage space at our office and ask donors to provide quality images and artwork information of marketable work for approval. Donors are responsible for delivery or cost of shipping to our Boston office. Space permitting, we accept up to 5 artworks. Framed and ready to hang works may be no larger than 18″x24″. Upon approval, you will be asked to sign a Storage Waiver.

How will my donated art be cared for?

Qualified agencies are committed to caring for art and must sign a donee agreement that they will do so. The agreement stipulates that they keep the art secure, exhibit the art in a visible location, not alter or deface the art, and not sell or give the art away. We review art placements to ensure that agencies fulfill their responsibilities by distributing a Six Month Report and as resources permit, scheduling an Inventory Visit to verify all artwork is accounted for, framed, and hung securely, and installed with its corresponding stickers and plaques.

How will my art donation be acknowledged?

We will thank you at the time when the work is selected. The agencies will thank you when they pick up the art. We also encourage agencies to acknowledge your donation in writing, invite you to visit the agency, and/or mention your donation in an article, newsletter, or annual report. A plaque will be hung next to each artwork listing the name of the art donor and details about the artwork.

Must donated artworks be ready to hang?

As of September 1, 2017 The Art Connection will only accept art donations that are ready to hang. Works that fall under this category have one or more of the following: (1) A Frame, (2) A structure embedded within the work -like a stretched canvas or shadow box, (3) Hardware attached to the work itself (like d-rings, wire, or screw eye hooks) that make it ready to hang on a wall without any additional materials.

What if one of the works I offered for donation is no longer available?

Please let us know as soon as possible if a work is no longer available and we will remove it from our portfolio.

Can I claim a tax-deduction on my art donation?

You may elect to deduct the market value of a donated artwork. You are responsible for assessing a value to your art donations, and you will decide how to record them on your tax return. Please consult your accountant for details. While we do attempt to verify the charitable status of our art recipients, any burden of proof or charitable status for tax related or other purposes is yours as donor to the recipient organization.