Art Donation

Are you ready to become an Art Donor with The Art Connection?

The Art Connection is the only non-profit in the Boston metro area that enriches and empowers underserved communities by providing access to original works of visual art. Our primary offering is the Art Donation and Placement Program which results in permanent exhibitions of original artwork in social service spaces such as health clinics, homeless shelters, and safe houses.

Although art is open to interpretation, we have seen some stylistic preferences from the agencies we work with to prevent triggering of traumatic experiences for the people that they serve. There is great interest in artwork that is bright, vibrant, and/or calming. Because of the diverse populations our partners support, there is also in interest in positive depictions of people of color.

If you answer Yes to any of the following questions your work is NOT suitable for donation:
  • Does your artwork contain nudity?
  • Does your artwork contain profanity or violent imagery?
  • Does your artwork contain any overt political or religious messages?
Preparing to donate art to The Art Connection:

Once you have gone over the content of your artwork, responding yes to all of the following questions means you are ready to donate:

  • Do you live within 15 miles of downtown Boston?
  • Do you have high-resolution digital images (JPEGS, size 300KB to 5MB max) of the all of works you would like to donate?
  • Do you have the all of the following information about each work you are looking to donate: Artist Name? Title? Medium? Size?
  • Do you have a bio, website, and/or social media handles associated with the artist who created the artwork?
  • Are the artworks you want to donate framed and/or ready to hang?
  • Review our Art Donor Application or  you can also view this application as a PDF)

Check out our infographic for an overview of our Art Donation and Placement Program.