Donate Art

The Art Connection’s art donation and placement program connects artists and collectors who want to donate original artworks knowing that it will have an impact on those who access services at the recipient agencies. Nearly 8,000 works have been brought to over 400 nonprofit or public equivalent agencies, including social service agencies, schools, clinics, youth, and senior service programs. Please view our Blog to see art collections permanently exhibited in the community.


Our artists are both established and emerging, mostly academically trained and gallery-qualified, and a few are self-taught. Their work represents the spectrum of disciplines including painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography and spans a multitude of media. They have donated for a number of reasons, including working with a reliable program that makes the process simple.


The Art Connection also works with Collectors (person with intention to donate work(s) created by someone other than yourself). Please note that The Art Connection requests a financial contribution equivalent to 15% of the market value of artwork(s) submitted for donation through our program.

Selection Process

Once your artwork is digitally submitted, we will show quality images to qualified agencies for possible selection. It may take a month or even up to two years for work to be selected because it is the agencies themselves who select the artwork that best fits their mission, space, and clients.

Once your artwork is selected, our Program Manager will notify you to confirm availability and ensure that you approve the placement. The agency will then contact you directly to arrange and schedule pick up your work. They are responsible for picking up the work, for framing (if necessary), and installing the artwork and plaques (with your name and details of the artwork) . You are making a gift of the donated work directly to the social service agency. A Deed of Gift and Agreement is signed by the art donor and the agency which you will receive for your files.

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