David Kupferman

IF: 2-39 by David Kupferman, placed at Lowell Community Health CenterDavid Kupferman recently moved from Waltham to Iowa but not before dropping off “a couple of works” for donation through our program. And by “a couple of works” we mean 200! We have placed over 75 works of his in the past five years and look forward to placing hundreds more (literally) in the years to come.

As noted on his website: David’s large abstract color paintings evoke the light and mood of the inner and outer landscape. David’s works are in many museums, private collections and corporations, and can be seen at galleries in Boston, Florida and on the Cape.

Catboat by David Kupferman, placed at Advocates Inc.He describes his art saying “My work is about Light, both inner and outer. Illumination and reflections of light in the sky and sea. The ocean waves and the light waves merge. They are visual chants, sea psalms, chants of light.”

David first heard about The Art Connection from Fay back in 2003 and has since made 288 works available for donation, a number that is second only to Fay herself who has offered 291.

JD: 4-18 by David Kupferman, placed at UMASS Boston Nursing ProgramDonald E. Knaub, the Director of the Cape Museum of Fine Arts where David has exhibited his work reflects on David’s art: “One suspects that the artist’s personal spiritual quest, one that has taken him into culture of deep meditation, had something to do with the clarity and basic qualities of the landscapes he interprets for us. Hence, on a very basic level these paintings can act as psalms, as evocative, poetic, and transcendental images of ordinary elements.”

JB: 5-14 by David Kupferman, placed at Nuestra Communidad
As David has recently moved to Iowa to pursue his meditation and his art, we wish him all the best. He may be far away but his art will continue to share his spirit and inspire many people in the Boston area. Thanks David – for your continued generosity that stretched even from your new home in the Midwest!

Visit http://davidkupferman.com/ to see more of David’s art.