City on a Hill

South Station by Jason Pechinski, placed at City on a Hill.
Students from City on a Hill Charter School in Roxbury had the opportunity to transform their space by participating in a lively and engaging art selection process in February as they worked together to make choices to beautify their school with original art. Students commented on what it was like to be a part of this process.

The mission of City on a Hill Charter School is to graduate responsible, resourceful, and respectful democratic citizens, prepared to advance community, culture, and

Tidal Pool by Jane Goldman, placed at City on a Hillcommerce, and to compete in the 21st century. The democratic process was alive as students participated in an art dialogue involving artworks viewed from a diverse catalog of 300 donated works of art. The group, consisting of five students representing the student body along with three faculty members, joined The Art Connection staff at their school to participate in the art selection process, which ultimately resulted in 11 works of art being selected to beautify the school’s hallways, student spaces, meeting rooms, tutorial areas, and stairwells.

Hybrid 10 by Sam Tan, placed at City on a HillWhat did the students have to say?

“It is a privilege for a student to have a voice in deciding what should be in the school. I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to advocate for other students about the artwork that should be in the building. I had a great time and I believe that everyone who participated did too.” Toyin Egharevba, student (14 yrs old)

“Because I am taking AP Art History, it was interesting to debate and decide which pieces were best for the school’s community. Also, predicting what the students’ reaction of the art that I chose was fulfilling and enjoyable.” Javonee Cotton, student (17 yrs old)


Untitled by Roberto (Zach) Castro, placed at City on a Hill
“It’s very exciting that the students are involved in the process of selecting art to beautify the school, because we have to see these pieces every day so our opinions should be considered.” Torraine Humes, student (18 yrs old)

City on a Hill anticipates installing the 11 artworks sometime in the Spring, ensuring that the seniors who participated in the art selection process have the opportunity to enjoy the art before graduating.