Catherine Carter

Presto, placed at American Civic AssociationCatherine Carter is a painter, teacher, and arts writer based in Holliston, MA. Since 2006, she has donated 19 of her acrylic and spraypaint paintings. Thirteen of these colorful works have found permanent homes in places where people were drawn to their bright and playful characteristics.

Catherine describes her work as being




Under Water Triptych, placed at Pine Street Innall about LINE.
LINE as articulation of movement.
LINE as found in nature: intricate, flowing, or sharp, like spider webs, waterways, or branches.
LINE as an indicator of both specific meaning and impressionistic form, as in the contrast between calligraphy and abstraction.
LINE as a way of exploring and expressing life.”




Sunset Web, placed at HomeownerSelection committees at agencies who now own Catherine’s paintings have been overheard comparing them to the ocean, graffiti, and butterfly wings. Catherine says “I like to think someone who visits one of the organizations that has selected my work might be cheered by seeing my paintings, or relaxed by them, or in some way have their spirits uplifted or renewed.” The work has indeed appealed to a wide range of agencies who want to create renewing and cheerful environments for their clients. Those serving young communities, such as Massasoit Community College and Violence Intervention Advocacy Program, seem to like her work as much as agencies working to create a comforting atmosphere for aging adults, such as Central Boston Elder Services.


Pulse 4, placed at Central Boston Elder ServicesCatherine feels moved when agencies connect with her work “I see so much need around me, locally and globally,” she says. “People are poor, ill, injured, lonely, depressed, hungry, down on their luck. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to help. The Art Connection gives me the opportunity to help with the thing that means the most to me: my artwork”




Whisper, placed at The Work PlaceCatherine is curating two upcoming group shows- one at Fountain Street Fine Art in Framingham this September, and another in January at Mount Ida College in Newton. She believes that “there is a powerful potential for good when we come in contact with a work of art that has been created lovingly by human hands, and given in a spirit of care and hope.”


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