Carlyn M. Ekstrom

“Through my Swedish husband, I was introduced to art in many places in Sweden. Even the police station in his small hometown had several original works. My father in law lived in a facility that featured many paintings and photographs. Seeing the artwork in these places made me feel uplifted and in touch with human creativity,” recalls donating artist Carlyn M. Ekstrom. “So hearing about The Art Connection from fellow printmaker, Sarah Shallbetter, felt like a way to participate in this wonderful experience in America.”

“Hyacinths” placed at BEST Corp in 2016.

Ekstrom’s works offer tender hybrids of abstraction and landscape, with many layers of color and subtle textures.  The layers of varying opacity are achieved with a mix of mediums including acrylic paint and modeling paste. In terms of tools, she uses brushes, rags, rollers, and palate knives.

“As a painter, I have long been inspired by the New England landscape. I work somewhere between realism and abstraction. The landscapes are ‘dreamed’ and ‘imagined’ though based on composites of actual places. They could be called “transformational landscapes,” Ekstrom explains.

“Rose Thoughts #387” placed at United Way of Tri-County in 2014

Despite being an artist working for many years in the Boston area, Ekstrom had her artworks in storage until she became an art donor in 2006.  She viewed them as “many a flower born to blush unseen.” Asian American Civic Association, Casa Myrna Vazquez, and Quincy Medical Center are just a few of the thirteen agencies her art has been able to touch through placement with The Art Connection.

“The placements always come as a surprise and a happy event for me. Someone has chosen my work because they feel it speaks to their mission. That is a wonderful feeling. Everything through The Art Connection is handled in the most professional way. I am always honored and respected as an artist donating through their process,” says Ekstrom.

“Magnolia Tree & Sky I” placed at Child Care Resource Center in 2006

Ekstrom’s interest in sharing her art with the masses doesn’t stop with her partnership with The Art Connection. You can view her solo exhibition, Seasonal Affections, at the Mount Auburn Hospital Hematology unit until November 2017. “This is a particularly satisfying place to have an exhibition as it is similar to placements through The Art Connection,” Ekstrom shares with glee. “I know there will be many patients whose hearts will be somewhat lifted by seeing the artwork on the walls.”

To learn more about her work, visit her online at

“Air, Water, Land I” placed at Asian American Civic Association in 2010.