Career Source

Across the Charles by Frances Grossman

High unemployment rates translate into many job seekers experiencing stress as they search for their next job. Career Source in Cambridge can now welcome them with color and encourage them with inspiring creative spirit thanks to their new collection of 20 original works of art via The Art Connection.


Continuous Creation II by Susan Schwalb
Career Source
is a comprehensive career center with access to a variety of resources to connect job seekers with employers. Each year the center serves nearly 7500 customers on all levels of education and experience. Through interest and skill assessments, workshops, individual counseling, training resources and recruitment events, Career Source assists job seekers to explore opportunities and ways to apply their skills in a variety of industries. As a nonprofit career center that provides some state services, they work with many recently unemployed customers, many of whom are in a heightened state of anxiety.


Venetian Alley by Jeannie MotherwellThe donated art hangs in the entry, waiting areas, workshop rooms, computer lab, and hallways to provide a welcoming, comforting, and aesthetically pleasing environment for their customers, rather than one that is “institutional” and impersonal. Considering that physical environments often have a profound effect on mood and sense of well-being, the artwork is instrumental in lifting the spirits of the unemployed. It helps motivate them to continue their search to find a job that allows them to contribute their talents to the world just as our donating artists are doing by donating their work to their community.

Jazz by Nan Hass Feldman
“In addition to bringing some flair to the Center, I think it [the donated art] will boost everyone’s morale and provide some inward peace and calm as well as conversation,” noted Carolyn Cashwell, the manager of workshop services at Career Source, when asked what she thought the impact of the new art would be.


The Space Between by Ann Christensen
Career Source recently celebrated their new art at an Open House. Art Connection Program Manager, Tova Speter, was amazed at the transformation of the space from her last visit months ago. “With the newly painted walls and the beautiful art, it truly is a whole new environment for all who walk through these doors. What was once a bit drab and institutional is now alive with a dynamic energy that will hopefully stimulate job seekers and remind them that they are cared for.”


Read more about this placement in the Cambridge Chronicle. Want to see a slideshow of their wonderful new art collection? Click here. You can also view pictures from the art reception event that took place in March.