Boston Public Health Commission

Somewhere, by Maria Termini
The Art Connection partnered with the Boston Public Health Commission to bring artwork into their central intake, outpatient substance abuse clinic, youth program, community health education program and mom’s project. 20 original works of art now grace their walls with more on the way!


Solstice, by Cassie Tondro
The Boston Public Health Commission’s mission is to protect, promote, and preserve the health and well-being of all Boston residents, particularly the most vulnerable. The donated art will hang in the waiting areas, meeting rooms, and hallways of their various programs to enhance the mental, physical, and social environment that clients experience when they access services at BPHC. The donated art lifts the spirits of both the clients and employees and makes everyone feel better about giving and/or receiving help. It also reminds BPHC visitors daily of the beauty they see in each person who walks through their doors.



As noted by Maurice Myrie, senior policy advisor at BPHC, “The process of receiving original artwork has been remarkable. People are taking the time Hearts, by Susan Makinto stop to look at the art and are very happy to have had this opportunity and to “win” such a great collection. The art has made an incredible difference and has definitely spruced up our spaces for the better.”



Also – The Art Connection is proud to announce that selected work by each agency will now be available online as part of a new Agency Portfolio blog. Click here to see the slideshow!