Beverly Sky

Monoarchs at Herring Creek, Edgartown placed at Bay Cove Human Services, Inc. Beverly Sky is an artist and designer specializing in fiber, fabric collage, handmade paper, and installation art. She is now in her second year of donating art, and her work in both watercolor and fabric collage have been placed through The Art Connection.

Beverly has been immersed in the arts as a dancer, a weaver, a papermaker, a painter, a publisher, and a teacher.


Ginkakuji and Cranes placed at AACAThe work pictured here was selected by the Asian American Civic Association. They were featured by The Art Connection in September 2010, read that story here. The organization has installed Beverly’s work near the lobby in their new facility, and also chose to showcase the work in their Fall 2011 e-newsletter, saying that Sky’s donation, along with the other works they received, “spiced up the office space.”

Beverly explores “greater narrative expression as well as spiritual and philosophical ideas” through fabric collage. She also spent a number of years living and working in Kyoto, Japan. While there, she and her husband founded Autumn Press, a publishing company. One of the books published was a collection of poems by Ellen Bass, one of which is painted onto the work seen below.

Now That The Petals Have FallenBeverly Sky has a studio at the Boston Center for the Arts, where The Art Connection also has its office. We enjoy being her neighbor. In Beverly’s words, “The Art Connection is a wonderful gift to the communities that it serves: for the artists who wish to share their vision and creations with a larger audience and simultaneously to the recipients who wish to enhance their environments with high quality artwork”.

To see Beverly’s current gift to the community, take a wintery stroll at the Fort Point Channel, where she has just installed a work incorporating the use of light. This public artwork is there for all to enjoy, so go lighten up your days and enjoy Beverly’s work. Learn more here!

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