Behind the Scenes with Artist Marian Dioguardi

While it’s easy to admire the finished products of what artists produce, there is so much to be gleaned from process. We spent some time with artist and beloved art donor Marian Dioguardi to get a behind the scenes look at elements that inform her art practice.

Nature continues to be a guiding force for many works of art. The summer sunshine led Marian to take in the beauty of her garden as a muse.

Behind every work of art lies many evolutions and revisions! You can see some of that process in this video where Marian shares a time lapse of her painting. 

You never know where life or your art practice will take you! In this instance Marian shows us that gardens aren’t the only places her artwork can be found. Her indoor studio space is filled with just as much wonder and inspiration as the outdoors.   

Despite being created in “The Dungeon”, the art that rises from the depths of her studio are filled with vibrance and life. We had a chance to see this first hand via Alive with Color: An exhibition of paintings and prints from Marian and fellow artist Cicely Carew. It was a pleasure having their work brighten the halls of our South End neighbor, Cambridge Trust. You can see some highlights by checking out our flickr album from the Closing Reception here.

If you’re looking to continue following Marian Dioguardi’s work visit her website here.