Beantown Dreams

CAC MuralBeantown Dreams Mural, Children’s Advocacy Center

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County is a non-profit dedicated to supporting child abuse victims and their families and is now the home of a forty-two foot long mural entitled Beantown Dreams, designed and painted by members of their community. Artists Tova Speter and Anyahlee Suderman worked with students from the Media and Technology Charter High (MATCH) School next door, along with the Center’s staff, volunteers, and local artists. Mural completed March 2006. See below for a link to a Globe article featuring the project.

“This is an amazing mural for our center and [we gained] the opportunity to be part of a truly collaborative and successful project.” Susan Goldfarb, Director, Children’s Advocacy Center

“The most enjoyable part of this experience was] seeing my students engaged and proud of their work.”  Zach Svigals, MATCH mentor

“Group collaboration allowed participants to contribute in various ways according to their desires, confidences, and abilities. I gained a better understanding of the mechanics of putting ideas/concepts into action.”  Children’s Advocacy Center Staff

“I would recommend a similar mural project for other organizations because it helps spread a very positive message. I gained skills and confidence.” Luis, MATCH student

“Attended the brainstorming event, where hundreds of ideas are bandied about, I couldn’t help but wonder, how will this all come together. Six weeks later, I was astonished to witness how the coordination of so much creative energy had transformed that wall into a stunning mural.”  Jim McDonald, Executive Director, The Art Connection

Beantown Dreams Globe article