Asian American Civic Association

Lian02The Asian American Civic Association has received two placements of art over the course of its two year relationship with The Art Connection and now own a collection of 35 vibrant pieces on display in their Chinatown building. Their collection has recently expanded again with six additional works donated by Art Connection founder Fay Chandler after her recent exhibit at the BCA.Eks16

Originally established to meet the social and cultural needs of first and second generation Chinese immigrants, the Asian American Civic Association (AACA) now helps immigrants from across the globe by providing educational assistance, vocational training and other social services to allow their participants to achieve financial security. Term252 Among its many services and programs, AACA offers English classes and apprenticeship programs in several technical fields, helping enrich the lives of Asian Americans in Boston and beyond. Their new Mandarin immersion childcare center is the first of its kind in New England.


During their two placement visits, art was selected for the entryway, waiting areas, conference room, classrooms, and hallways to add color, texture, style, dimension, and dialogue to their space. Georgiana Tam, the office manager of the Asian American Civic Association found the process of selecting art from The Art Connection enriching and thought provoking.

Cart04Of the experience, she says, “The process of selecting artwork is a most wonderful part of our memory….It involved group thinking, eye opening, mind changing and consensus building.”

MillL85Many of her colleagues commented that the process was a different and unique experience that acted as a welcome reprieve from their daily tasks. Members of the selection committee said they believe the work helps comfort their clients and that people can unwind and relax while they view the art hanging in their building.Kupf95

Donating artist David Kupferman, believes his contribution to AACA is fitting, considering his passion for Asian culture and the arts, as well as his use of its themes in his work. “My art is inspired and influenced by Asian art. I do a lot of meditation and my art reflects that inner transcendence of peace, harmony and joy at being one with the flow of nature that is part of Asian spirituality and aesthetics. It’s an honor for me to have my art at the Asian American Civic Association where it will be appreciated.”


AACA also recently attended a show by Art Connection founder, Fay Chandler, entitled Just As I Am, where they chose six works to add to their growing collection. When asked what effect they believe Fay’s work will have on their space, Sunny Schwartz, Deputy Director, noted, “We’re excited for these pieces—a few are for our child care center so the kids will have a better sense of original art.”