Artist Fellowship

Through the Artful Seeds Artists Fellowship, The Art Connection provides non-profits a direct hands-on experience with an artist, introducing them to the full cycle of art – ideation, physical making and exhibition – over a six-month period.

The Art Connection commissions the artist’s work, and ensures permanent location at the non-profit’s space. The total value of these services going to the non-profit agency is $9,600, with $6,000 of that total value paid directly to the artist.

For Artists:
The Art Connection awards fellowships each year to qualified and talented visual artists. Artists will receive a monetary award of $4,500 to develop their project and an additional $1,500 is allotted to purchase supplies and cover other costs. Professional development and growth opportunities will also be provided throughout the six-month fellowship.

The Artist Fellow will:
– Create custom works for the non-profit’s space
– Lead art workshops with their community members
– Take groups on a field visit to a Boston-area gallery or museum to get a fuller, more diverse art experience.

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