Anne Silber

Anne Silber first donated in April 1998. “I had a ‘why didn’t I think of that moment’; it was such a great concept.” Her serigraphs, or silkscreen prints, are hand-printed using hand-cut lacquer film stencils.

A Single Tulip, Serigraph



Anne’s work has been shown in exhibitions in the US and in Europe. Her prints are included in many corporate and museum collections and on the sets of notable television series and major motion pictures. One hundred eighty one of her serigraphs have also been included in the collections at 88 of our recipient agencies!


The first placement of Anne’s artwork was selected by Brook House (left) in December, 1998. Her most recent placement was in October, 2014 at Cambridge Community Services (below).

In Burgundy: Along the Canal, Serigraph
Blue Creamer, Serigraph“While art can vary greatly as to form and function, I feel that the goal of art donations gifted through The Art Connection is to lift the spirit, often in situations and locations that could otherwise be all too impersonal and in need of humanizing.” Anne shared about why she participates in our program.




Strawberries, Serigraph


Given the 181 artworks she has placed in 14 years, it is safe to say that thousands of clients and staff at Boston-area agencies find her artworks among those that lift spirits and personalize spaces where people receive critical services.




When Anne creates her serigraphs, she mixes inks “with a large amount of transparent base, allowing for the visual “blending” of overlaid tones, creating an effect like that of well-controlled watercolors.” She creates between 50 and 60 impressions for each edition and has donated from 37 of her editions, giving anywhere between one and 19 works for our portfolio.

“I hope that the placements of my work over these many years help… I find it very rewarding to be able to contribute,” Anne reflects.On Maui, serigraph

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